About me

Hello, I am Francesca Silva!
A personal trainer and running coach.

Since my childhood I’ve always been in love with any kind of sport and movement. I started competing in gymnastics when I was really young and raced at national level for several years. After that, I decided to switch to track and field. It was love at first sight. I competed at a national level in cross country and middle distance at first. I then switched to the 800 and 400 meters.

My biggest dream has always been to transform my passion into my job as well as helping people to become the strongest and best version of themselves.

At the age of 19 I decided to study in order to work in the fitness and running industry...and...here I am now. Sport, in my life, has always been a fundamental milestone that helped me to become the woman I am now.

I can’t wait to guide you in your fitness and running journey!

My certificates